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Alaskan Wilderness Fishing Lodge

Back in 1976, from the blue prints of my dream, I started building Talaheim Lodge. With that first crude building built from logs and chainsaw cut lumber, my youthful dream would become a helicopter fly out Alaskan wilderness fishing Lodge. During the 70’s and 80’s, lodges in Alaska sprang up everywhere a fish could be […]

Fly-Fishing, Politics, and Religion

I’m an Alaskan fly out fishing lodge owner, fly-fishing guide, and a gun touting Alaskan woodsmen, Republican, and a Christian. Through trial and turmoil, I’ve leaned to avoid discussions on religion, politics, or sexual diversity around the dinning table in our lodge. OK, after a near bear attack, aircraft engine failure, or a hook in […]

Alaska Outlaws Felt Bottom Waders

Alaska Outlaws Felt Bottom Waders As of 2012, Alaska has followed several other western states in forbidding felt bottom waders and most fishing supply companies are following suit by no longer offering this newly contraband item. Over the last few years, we’ve learned that felt waders can carry evasive creatures from stream to stream and […]

Talaheim Lodge Gone Green!

Living in the wilderness of Alaska is not an easy or cheap venture. If you live off a road system or large watershed, the only practical way of transportation is to fly materials to your site. Alaskans are “innovation champs” in the flying community. We stack full sheets of plywood under Piper super cubs, tie […]