Talaheim Lodge has been an Alaska Fly In Fishing lodge specializing in daily fly out’s for the past 34 years. Talaheim Lodge offers something very unique amongst Alaska fishing lodges….we helicopter fish! Most of Alaska is “road-less” and the only means of summer transportation is by foot (long walks) air, or water. Helicopters enable Talaheim Lodge to reach waters that rarely see other anglers. During spawning cycles, Alaskan salmon fill our rivers and behind these salmon lie Alaska trout, char, and grayling….our local fishy predators. During Trout fishing season, flyfishing Alaska in helicopter is the best way to go– as they’re not used to seeing humans and therefore the fish aren’t smart, or shy. Anything orange delivers Alaska trout, grayling, and char.

DISCLAIMER: Helicopter fishing is not for everyone. People that are afraid of heights, bears, mosquitoes, or hurting their wrists pulling in too many fish may want to refrain from “heli- fishing”. Men who are afraid of venturing too far from home or leaving their wives, or perhaps bringing their wives who constantly out fish them, people that don’t want to be so spoiled fly fishing Alaska that their old favorite fishing holes will never be the same, anglers that don’t wish to see their buddies back home laugh with disbelief at you while you are sharing your Alaskan fishing stories. Fly fishing Alaska, especially helicopter fishing Alaska, may be terribly additive causing one to return year after year. Helicopter fishing is safe for pregnant women or women who wish to become pregnant as the cool Alaskan night air makes one snuggle up closer to their partner. If after you pull in so many fish you experience a sore wrist for more than four hours, you might want to take a break, have lunch, then hit the waters again. So ask your doctor is helicopter fishing is right for you or ask him if he’d like to join you at Talaheim Lodge.

~ Mark Miller / Lodge Owner