Heli-Fishing Remote Alaska


Talaheim Lodge is the only Alaska fishing lodge with two helicopters for our guests’ exclusive use. Bush-planes are a wonderful way to travel, but their accessibility is limited to streams with enough water depth, or gravel bars with sufficient runway length. And with Alaska having the largest population of bush pilots in the world, a known bush-plane accessible fishing hole will undoubtedly mean you’ll have company.

Within a 15-minute helicopter flight from Talaheim, we have access to over 100 miles of great fishing waters. Tributaries that are so remote that if you see a foot print, it was likely your guides from the week prior. Not only do guests of Talaheim fish streams rarely shared by other anglers, the lodge itself is located 80 air miles from Anchorage, in an area only accessible via our private airstrip, thus further limiting the competition.

The fact that we can reach a variety of tributaries during the week also means we don’t over fish our waters.

Plus, fish that are used to maneuvering around human predators are smart. On the other hand, fish that aren’t used to human predators is a beautiful thing— they bite hard and without reservation. They jump, fight, and pull on the line like their life depends on it.

Most of our rivers are wade-able and perfect for fishermen that like to cast across small rivers in search for that perfect catch. But if you need a break from wading, no problem. Our portable blow-up canoes offer that flexibility– you can choose to walk the river in part, or not at all. With a helicopter as your means of transportation, you are free to follow the fish, whether that be for three miles or just 300 feet. We’ll pick you up wherever you end up.

At Talaheim Lodge, we don’t believe in combat fishing, and when deciding on a once-in-a-lifetime Alaskan fishing adventure, we think neither should you.

Alaska Heli Fishing - River Sand Bar - Talaheim Fishing Lodge




Many clients who thought they might have a problem with motion sickness or vertigo while in the helicopter report no issues. In fact, 9 out of 10 times guests report no ill effects likely because visibility is so good and the ride is very smooth.
They are, because with an airplane you need to find a long, level area to land should there be an issue. But with a helicopter, a much smaller clearing or gravel bar will do just fine. The helicopter auto-rotates off the windmill effect of the blades, just like a spinning maple seed.
Our guides and pilots know the rivers well. But because there are no set pick up spots, we take certain precautions. The guides have a ground to air radio that gets in contact with the pilot and helps him direct the chopper. We also train guides to recognize a safe pick up spot so that guests can fish and wade up to our designated pickup time, at which point the guide finds a suitable gravel bar.


Just a note to thank everyone there for the memorable 50th wedding anniversary trip we took to your lodge the last week of July — we had a great time — thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! Please give specific thanks to Scott – Peter – Doc and Trapper Jim — they were all superb guides who provided the personal attention and patience to make such an outing totally a blast — we wish you all the best.
John & Kris
We came to Talaheim Lodge to both fulfill a lifelong dream and to celebrate my dad’s addition to making the world a little bit better place. We couldn’t have asked for a better week! We laughed, we told stories, we caught lots of fish and most importantly, we met great people and a father and son got to spend some important tie together. Thank you Mark, Scott, Josh, Trever, Jessica, Troy and Felicia. We hope that one day we can show you the same fantastic hospitality you have shown us. We will recommend Talaheim Lodge to all our friends.
Kyle Burks & Charlie Burks
New Orleans and New Mexico