Trevor Reid compiled a list of the seven coolest places in Alaska he could find on the internet, and Talaheim was #1. The reason was simple: the helicopters. After talking to Mark, he was passed on to Scott. “If you can get past this guy,” Mark told him. “You’re hired.”

Originally from Redding, California, Trevor grew up fishing and came to Talaheim after spending several summers guiding at lodges near Bristol Bay. His favorite type of fish to catch are rainbows. His biggest catch while at Talaheim was a 27-incher caught in Canyon Creek.

When not at Talaheim you’ll find Trevor in Missoula, Montana pursuing a double major in photo journalism and Spanish. In fact, if there’s a good picture on Talaheim’s website, chances are it’s one of Trevor’s.

When he’s not studying, Trevor’s off exploring the outdoors and taking pictures. His favorite travel destinations so far: Iceland, Peru, Portugal, and Alaska, of course. You can check out some of his work on Instagram @ruggedphotography.

Trevor loves being a fishing guide; he loves the fact that he’s able to turn his passion into something he does on a daily basis. He also loves getting to know new people and hearing different point of views.

After Trevor graduates undergrad, he plans to pursue environmental law where he’ll follow something else he’s passionate about: climate change.



Low aperture and a relatively higher shutter speed, and I like to get real tight on the fish so the fisherman is blurred out in the background. Especially if it’s a “bigun.”
Well there’s a lot, but for starters I’d probably focus on the rollbacks by Ryan Zinkie and the Trump administration of mining and drilling in wetlands, the Arctic, and Alaska for oil.
The world!! Ok, if I had to pick two I’d say one place close to the Arctic like Norway and one place close to the equator, like the Philippines.