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Hard to believe it was 1974 when owner, operator, and long time Alaskan resident, Mark Miller, engraved his first mark on the Talachulitna River. With just one rubber raft, one small aircraft, and one hair on his chest, Mark set out to build what is now a luxury Alaskan fishing lodge.

More than 40 years later, Talaheim is still a family run operation known throughout the world as a destination of choice for anglers.

But it’s not just the pristine waters, helicopter access, and extraordinary fishing that have guests returning to Talaheim year after year. It’s our hospitality.

“It’s rare that an angler gets to come to a place where the fishing is exceeded only by the hospitality and camaraderie,” writes one guest. “I am humbled by the warmth and affection that Mark, Felicia, and their staff have shown us all week long.”

By limiting guests to only 8 fishermen per week, we ensure that everyone deserves the top notch service and attention to detail that a once in a lifetime experience deserves.

And when it comes to staff, we’ve set up an environment that not only attracts experts, but retains them. Most of our staff, like our salmon, return year after year which means guests enjoy a special brand of expertise, talent, and character.

During the days, fishing guides and pilots expertly navigate our 100 miles of remote waters, offering up techniques, tips, and laughs. During mealtimes, while everyone enjoys an array of homemade cuisine served gourmet family style, Mark and his staff share harrowing tales of wilderness Alaska that will rival anything you’ve watched on reality TV.

You may come as a guest, but you’ll leave as family.

Mark Miller and Scott Rainbow Trout Fishing


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Talaheim (pronounced: TalaHIME) means Home on the Tal. “Tal” is short for the Talachulitna River and “heim” means home in German.
We’re located eighty miles west of Anchorage along the eastern slopes of the Alaskan Range. Just a short 45-minute bush plane flight from Lake Hood in Anchorage, but in those 45 minutes you’ll see nothing but wild terrain. Right outside your guest cabin window you’ll have a beautiful view of the Beluga Mountains, and to the north you’ll see North America’s tallest mountain, Denali, just 85 miles away.
Our fishing season typically runs from the end of June to the first week of September, but you’ll find Mark out on the Tal in the spring for logging camp, and in the fall for hunting. In the dead of winter, Talaheim is shut down and Mark and Felicia migrate to the small town of Willow, Alaska.


Every book tells a story, and with each man and woman that’s come fishing with Mark and his lovely family over the years– well, this book speaks for itself. This is my second trip at nearly 80 years of age, so if you’re thinking of coming , age is no barrier. Mark is a wonderful guide and will take good care of you. I say come. Talaheim Lodge is the best.
An unrepeatable, unforgettable wilderness experience. We were shown how to fish, where to fish, shown the fish, but still we left some behind. Fantastic holiday. Fishing is so good anything after this in England will seem small time. Hope to come back next year.
Roy & Peter