How to Convince Your Wife


Wondering if you should bring your spouse to Talaheim? Well, here are 10 reasons that say that answer is:

Yes, Yes and Yes.

    1. Alaska’s chilly nights lead to cuddling
    2. Bear sightings bring couples closer together
    3. Fireside chats with frosty mugs of Alaskan Ale lead to deep conversation
    4. There’s lots of one-on-one time when there’s no one else in an 80 mile radius
    5. You think your wife looks sexy when wearing waders
    6. You think your husband looks like Brad Pitt in A River Runs Through It 
    7. Long days of fishing generally lead to back rubs
    8. Rubbing Deet on the back of your spouses neck can lead to intimacy (as long as you don’t touch anything else)
    9. “Honey, you caught a big one!” takes on a whole new meaning
    10. Romantic picnics served on a mountain top with a glacier view. Now come on, that’s legitimately romantic!




Forget the diamonds or a dozen roses.

Valentine’s day is coming up in a couple months, so give your wife the present that keeps on giving photo after photo for the rest of her life…..A week’s adventure at our Talaheim Lodge.

Back at popular demand for 2024.  Couple’s week July 14-20
Need a break from fishing? No problem. Have you checked out our Wilderness Adventures?

Even the most avid fishermen often state that our Glacier Tour & Picnic was the highlight of their trip.

Not just fishing!

We’ll also be featuring a special wine tasting evening with wines sourced from California wineries. (No offense to Alaskan wines, but come on, we have standards.)  How about an afternoon cooking lesson?  Glacier and mountain landings and hikes, fly fishing lessons, day floats, plane tours through the mountains and much more.

Your price of $9600 per person includes:   Round trip airfare from Anchorage to Talaheim Lodge, six nights lodging – seven days fishing, five or six days’ helicopter fly outs – one-to two days traveling by river (depending on water depth and fishing conditions) boat fishing local waters, great foods, wines and draft beer served in the evenings, guides, use of lodge rods ($50 charge for broken rods) and waders (rent for $50 per week.   You may call out using your smart phone…Wi-Fi calling.

Only 4 couples allowed, so book fast.

(And if you’re not a couple, you best find a partner quickly.)

Couples week




Because we believe females deserve to be a part of the fishing conversation, and the adventure. Whatever we can do to promote that, we will.
Plus, let’s be honest. They’re typically better listeners and thus better fisherman by the end of the week.
Nope! Our waters provide enough variety for experts and novices alike. Plus our guides are skilled at pointing the experts in the right direction, while giving the novices a bit more special attention.
Typically we can’t accommodate this request, but ask the host upon booking as there may be other options.


This was an awesome and spectacular way to celebrate our 50th anniversary. We truly appreciate your hospitality and fabulous fly fishing experience.
Doris & Josh
Florida & NYC
There aren’t enough adjectives and superlatives to describe our Talaheim experience. One day was out done by the next. The entire experience was astounding. Thanks to the staff: each dedicated and proficient in their craft. And much gratitude for the kindness and thoughtfulness in the accommodations made for Sylvia so that she could fully enjoy the experience.
Bill & Sylvia