Talaheim Grounds


From above, the Talachulitna River might look like a spaghetti noodle flung across a bed of greens. The upper Tal is gin-clear, whereas the lower section is tannin in color, and each bend represents its own fishing story, each wilder than the bend before.

When flying from Anchorage expect to see nothing but a blanket of rustic wilderness. But then you’ll circle around the Belugas and suddenly there we are. Maybe you’ll make out our blue tin rooftops glistening in the sunshine, or the runway, which from above looks like a narrow dirt road through the wilderness.

But soon you’ll grow closer and make out the hill that houses Talaheim Lodge. At it’s base is the river, at its peak is the meadow; and all the cabins and color in between.

And there are many colors, among which are the silvery tin of the aluminum boats on the river’s shore, the red four-wheeler, the orange tractor, and the blue doors of the guest cabins. Then on top of the hill there are the two helicopters sitting on a landing strip of white rocks, the striped windsock kicking to the east and finally, the yellow Labrador Retrievers wagging their tail in excited anticipation for your arrival.

We occupy 10 acres of wilderness, which we’ve mostly tamed. Or in the least, put down boardwalks and gravel paths.

And if your legs are not what they used to be, don’t worry. Josh or Nellie will happily pick you up in our side by side and be your personal escort through out the week.

Talaheim Arial




Tennis shoes or hiking boots are fine if it’s dry, but if it’s raining we suggest slip on rain boots like xtratuf’s or something similar.
You can walk or run our runway, it’s 1/4 mile in length so 2 times back and forth is one mile. But just be sure to do so in the morning or evening when there are no planes scheduled to arrive.
Not typically, although it’s not unheard of. Bears in our area are scared of people, so if they are around they’ll usually run. If you’re walking or running our runway we might suggest you bring one of our dogs as company.


Amazing fishing and nature. Can’t say enough about that. But the most outstanding thing about Talaheim is the people! Each guide is outstanding with his own personality and love for the sport. Professional all the way. Mark has built a well tuned group that work together to make Talaheim a place to remember – and a place to return.
Tom, Casey & Rob Cromer
Florida & NYC
My third trip, which speaks for itself.
Henry K. & Ovide Miller