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If you’re flying into Anchorage a few days prior to your trip to Talaheim, or plan to spend time in town after your fishing trip, then Captain Cook Hotel offers five star accommodations right in the heart of downtown. Walkable to museums, fine dining, shopping, as well as Anchorage’s scenic Coastal Trail, experience why this hotel remains a historic icon of our city.

* Please note, Captain Cook does not offer shuttle service to or from Lake Hood airport. Typical taxi fare runs approximately $20 each way.

If you’re flying into Anchorage and leaving for Talaheim the next morning, then a hotel close to Lake Hood Airport may be a better fit. In this case, we suggest The Lakefront Anchorage Hotel located on the lake that houses the largest seaplane base airport in the world. This hotel offers lake front dining and shuttle service to and from Talaheim’s pick up point.

Another hotel that is easily assessable to the airport is Anchorage’s Courtyard Marriott. Only two miles from Anchorage International, this Marriott offers several walkable dining options as well as shuttles to and from Talaheim’s pick up point.

Guests typically meet at Sportsman Air Service, or in another Lake Hood location, around 6:30AM on Sunday in preparation for their 7:00AM departure.

If there’s a delay due to weather, it typically doesn’t last too long. Should this occur, guests are encouraged to walk around Lake Hood or hang out in the waiting room at Sportsman Air.

If there’s a more significant weather delay, we typically know prior to your scheduled arrival at Lake Hood and can alert you, either on Saturday or early Sunday morning.





Pack in soft duffel bags rather than your standard hard suitcases with wheels, as they stuff better into small aircraft cargo areas. However, we’d prefer two small duffel bags rather than one large “body bag” duffle. Sixty pounds of equipment and clothing per person is normal.
Guests typically depart Talaheim around 5pm on Saturday, with an estimated Anchorage arrival time of 5:30pm. If you’re planning to leave the state that night, we suggest booking travel after 10pm. Although it’s very rare, weather can impact departure times from Talaheim for up to 24 hours. To play it safe, we suggest staying in Anchorage Saturday night and booking your Alaska departure on Sunday or thereafter.
Sometimes flights out to Talaheim can get delayed due to weather. But these delays are typically known the night before, or the delays only last up to 2 hours, at which point the host will contact you at your hotel the morning of your departure with an updated departure time.


An experience of a lifetime! Vielen Dank Mark and his entire crew! There are no words to describe the time we had up here. We are really thankful for everything we experienced. One week is not enough. To say it with words of Arnold Schwarzenegger: We’ll be back!
Laura & Jan
Thank you for a fantastic Alaskan experience! We loved you taking us into your home, involving us in 4th of July celebrations, but most importantly showing us why this place is amazing. The food was awesome, the fishing was great, the service outstanding. The overall experience will stick with us forever.
Mick & Smithy