What to Bring


“What type of fishing equipment should I bring?” Well, that’s a loaded question.

Most fly fishermen bring two rods: a 9 foot #5 or #6 for trout, char, and grayling, and a 9 foot #8 or #9 for salmon. If you’re targeting king salmon on a fly, you might consider a stiff #10 rod with 100 yards of backing. Many of our king salmon fly fishermen are “swinging,” using double handed fly rods with Skagit heads and sink tips.

We have an assortment of rods available for our guests use, such as: #5, #6, #9 Temple Fork Outfitters fly rods and Ross fly reels, as well as Temple Fork Outfitters spinning gear. In addition, we also carry double handed rods. Please let us know prior to arriving should you want to utilize our fishing equipment. A $50 charge is applied for any broken rods.

Make sure to bring a sink tip and floating line for both rods. Most of our Alaska trout fishing is done with floating lines, with the occasional use of split shot in order to access the deeper fish. Alaska silver salmon typically bite on the water’s surface, so if you’re coming during silver salmon season bring some floating line for your salmon rod. Full sink lines are not necessary, but allow for 30 yards or more of backing for trout reels, and at least 100 yards of backing for the salmon reel.

“Can you tell me about rain gear, there are lots of choices.” Our pleasure!

Rain gear is a necessity. We suggest a waterproof shell with hood or Gortex rain gear with hood. Please note, ski or golf jackets typically aren’t an adequate means of protection in our Alaskan rain.

We suggest you adequately test out your rain gear before showing up at Talaheim. If this means taking it into the shower with you, then that’s what you’ve got to do!

“What’s the deal with fishing waders? Do you provide them?” Yes, but…

Alaska’s Talaheim Fishing Lodge offers waders and wading boots in a variety of sizes for our guests use. However, please let us know prior to arriving should you want to utilize our waders, and provide your body and shoe size. A $50 rental fee for waders will be applied.

If you’re bringing your own waders, please note that felt bottoms are illegal in Alaska. We suggest breathable waders with rubber bottom boots equipped with cleats or studs. Brands we tend to use and therefore suggest are Aquaz, SimmsPatagoniaHodgeman and Cabela’s.

“I’d like to bring my own flies, do you have any suggestions?” You bet we do!

Talaheim Lodge has a wide assortment of spinning lures, flies, sinkers, and leader material for our guests use, however, having your own nippers, hemostats, and floatant is helpful.

For fly fisherman that wish to bring their own flies, please refer to our suggested fly patterns. All salmon hooks should be tied on #2 quality hooks. Streamer hooks for trout and char should be tied on #2 to #4 hooks. Smaller grayling surface flies can be tied on #10 or #12 hooks.

For trout and char, matching the hatch in Alaska usually means salmon fry, salmon eggs, or salmon flesh, however, patterns like floating bass poppers, bumble bees and other “state-side” patterns also work well at times.

We offer a variety of fly tying material should you wish to tie your own flies while at Talaheim Lodge.

For the spin fisherman, Talaheim offers all hardware necessary. Typical lures for salmon consist of #2-#4 spinners, or pixie spoons, all with the required single-hook. Although fly tying material is complimentary, Talaheim Lodge does charge for any lures lost.

“What other gear do you suggest?” Why, here's a list!

Attire at Talaheim’s Alaska Fishing Lodge is always casual. Because baggage space is limited, we suggest planning for layers and only bringing three complete changes of clothing, with daily changes of the necessities. Polypro or wool socks are great as they dry quickly.

Other useful items may include:

  • Fingerless Gloves
  • Brimmed Hat
  • Polarized Sunglasses
  • Buff Style neck wrap
  • Bathing Suit
  • Sleeping Mask
  • Sun Screen
  • Mosquito Spray
  • Mosquito Head Nets
  • Water Bottle
  • Small Waterproof Daypack
  • Camera
  • Extra Reel
  • XTRATUF boots, or light weight waterproof hiking boots to walk around the Talaheim grounds when raining
  • We provide these, but having your own nippers, hemostats, and floatant is very helpful




We carry Aquaz stocking foot, breathable waders, in a wide range of sizes, including children, men and women. Our rubber soled wading boots are Simms, Redington and Aquaz. About half of our clients use ours, the other half bring their own.
Our rods are Temple Fork Outfitters and our reels are Ross and Orvis. About half of our anglers use our rods, and even if they don’t the guide will always carry a back up rod.
We supply flies, as our guides know exactly what’s working when and where. However, if you want to bring a selection from home, or if you want to tie your own fly while at Talaheim and thus need suggestion on materials, we’ll happily put you in contact with our head guide for advice on patterns, sizes, etc.


The great fishing and super fun helicopters and even a glacier stop! Super crew all around who made each of us feel special. Thanks to all!
This has been an incredible way to fulfill a lifelong dream. One of my bucket list activities has been accomplished!