Meet the Owners


Credited by many as having achieved the American Dream, one guest described Mark even further. “He made the man cave into a business.” The helicopters, the fishing, the bear rugs, the endless stories of adventure. “Most men have that in the man cave,” this guest said. “Mark Miller made the man cave his life.”

Originally from Massachusetts, Mark Miller moved to The Last Frontier at the age of 19 and by 21 had his first plane, a 1946 J3 Piper Cub. He worked at several well known fishing lodges before landing on the Talachulitna and starting his own fishing lodge in 1976.

Twenty years later, Mark became the first Alaskan fishing lodge to offer heli-fishing when he bought his first helicopter and received a rotor wing rating. Now with two helicopters and a Cessna, and over 18,000 hours of flying in the Alaskan bush, this true pioneer has been welcoming anglers for over 40 years.

Felicia was born and raised in Alaska, and has been part of Talaheim Lodge for the past 18 years. Growing up in Anchorage, she enjoyed camping with her family and dip netting for salmon. She worked for Alaska Airlines for 22 years as a ramp agent before recently retiring.

Like many family run businesses, Felicia has taken on many roles at Talaheim over the years. She’s been the chef, the cook’s helper, the grocery expeditor, the guest cabin interior designer. But what Felicia enjoys most is tending to the gardens at Talaheim.

She is the reason the lodge features endless flower beds, as well as a plentiful vegetable garden which our chef uses daily.

mark and felicia




At the age of 22 I landed my J-3 Cub on a small sandbar on the upper Talachulitna River. I set up two wall tents which would be my wife’s and my first portable lodge equipped with two rubber rafts and my small Piper Cub. During that first summer, I met the only resident on that river – Trapper Jim. He was definitely wanting a neighbor as he introduced us to a piece of land just up river from his small log cabin, and that’s where Talaheim Lodge stands to this day. A few years after, I paid him back by introducing him to a young lady that eventually became his wife. Trapper Jim and his family are still living on the Tal during the summer months and we’re still close as ever.
We started constructing the runway 20 years ago with cases of dynamite and a small Kabota tractor, and this runway, like everything else at Talaheim, requires tending to. So in my past time at Talaheim, you’ll find me on my vision of retirement: my new B26 Kabota tractor and backhoe. We slung it out underneath a large helicopter where it will live its life out. My helicopter and this tractor are my favorite toys… what I mean is, my favorite equipment.
My wife and I take a yearly trip to the Cook Islands during the month of January where you can find me out on the flats looking for that big bone fish or travelly. The month of January is Alaska’s coldest and darkest time, so it’s a great time to spend in the south Pacific. Besides the month of January, during our off season you can find my wife and me, plus our three dogs, a cat, and a turtle, living on the outskirts of Willow, Alaska. Most of my off season time I am working on our three aircrafts, changing engines or the constant maintenance that helicopters require. Most of the month of March I am at the lodge logging for our hungry sawmill or flying in provisions and fuel to our lodge in preparation for the fishing season.


This is my 2nd fishing trip here and I never got over the fact that Talaheim can deliver both unspoiled world renowned fishing and world class service at the same time. Mark and his staff see to all the details, ensuring any level of outdoorsman, while comforting any guest by his flying ability and expertise, and attention to the aircraft. One need not look any further for the total Alaskan experience. Don’t miss out!
It’s been 34 years since I’ve been back to see my friend–too long. Mark, you have been a success and should be proud. You have made many memories for many people and will have left your footprints for the future. Love you and thanks for everything.