Hatches & Flies


When it comes to our salmon species, “matching the hatch” doesn’t apply in the traditional sense because they’re not feeding once they enter fresh waters. Rather, they’re on a spawning run.

In order to catch king salmon bright colored streamers or spinners are used to evoke a response, such as territorial aggression, or a habitual biting reaction. Bright colors also work for sockeye, not so much for the fish, but so the angler can see their fly in relation to said fish.

As for silvers, pink pollywogs will no doubt draw a vicious strike. There’s a famous guide saying: “Start with pink. When that no longer works, switch to pink.”

For our trout and char, “matching the hatch” in Alaska usually means salmon fry, salmon eggs, or salmon flesh. However, patterns like floating bass poppers, bumble bees and other “state-side” patterns also work well at times, as do floating mouse patters or shrew patterns.

For our average sized grayling, nihpms and dry flies work well. And for the larger grayling, we suggest trying shews.

Talaheim Lodge has a wide assortment of spinning lures, flies, sinkers, and leader material for our guests use. However, having your own nippers, hemostats, and floatant is helpful.

Fly fisherman that wish to bring their own flies, can refer to our suggested fly patterns. We also offer a variety of fly tying material should you wish to tie your own flies while at Talaheim Lodge.

All salmon hooks should be tied on #2 quality hooks. Streamer hooks for trout and char should be tied on #2 to #4 hooks. Smaller grayling surface flies can be tied on #10 or #12 hooks.

For the spin fisherman, Talaheim offers all hardware necessary. Typical lures for salmon consist of #2-#4 spinners, or pixie spoons, all with the required single-hook. Although fly tying material is complimentary, Talaheim Lodge does charge for any lures lost.

Talaheim Rainbow Trout in a net




Fishing guides hate when guests wear white hats and fluorescent clothing. A bobbing white head scares the hell out of the trout!
Fishing guides love clients who show up wearing black. Mosquitoes love black! So they hone in on the client and leave the guide alone! HA! Kidding… Much like you try to match the hatch, try to match your surroundings. So in our case that’s greens, tans, and blues.
Well here’s one thing: we average one broken rod per week. Most rods are broken trying to pull off from a snag, rarely from a fish. Fly rod vs cottonwood tree– tree wins 9 times out of 10. So if you break a rod, it’s not the end of the world. A $50 charge will be applied, but we’ll take care of the other logistics.


Pure adventure thanks to great staff and new friends! Most impressive were the fascinating background and stories from the guides and fellow guests. We loved the variety of the days and entertaining evenings filled with excellent meals (special thanks to Felicia and Jessica!)
Margie & Pam
Thank you for such a special week! From the smiling staff, to the awesome guides and the incredible flights. We take home many great memories of a special place.
Marcia & Neil