Jessica Hart, originally from Arizona, has traveled more in her 30+ years than most have in a lifetime. Some of her favorite places include Europe, especially Italy and Paris, which is where she got engaged to her now fiancé, Jesse. She also loved Columbia, which was a surprise. “I didn’t think I’d love it so much,” she said. “But we ended up living there for two months.”

Next up on her travel list is Bali, where she’ll be spending four months. Then: “Well, it’s a little up in the air right now,” she says. “But it’s looking like we might be in Africa next year.”

Jessica spent two summers working at lodges in Alaska before finding her way to Talaheim. Her favorite part of the job is that it didn’t necessarily feel like a job.

“It felt like I was returning to family every summer,” she says. “And a lot of the clients said they felt that same way, too. Everyone is so kind and does their best to make the place feel homey, and in turn, everyone feels like they’ve returned home.”

But Jessica also liked the perks. “Mark always made it a priority to get the kitchen staff out of the kitchen on occasion, and I really appreciated that. I spent some time in the helicopter, and I got to see the glacier. And last summer we had a day off and all the guides and staff went fishing. That was amazing and very generous. I’ve never heard of a lodge doing that for their staff.”

Besides traveling and exploring, you’ll find Jessica and her fiancé coaching. Jessica is a relationship coach, whereas Jesse is a life coach. Together they make quite the team.



No, every day is its own story. But I do remember one day toward the end of the summer we were all talking about getting massages and going to the spa after the season and Mark showed us his feet and was like– “I think I could use a pedicure!” I’ve never seen toenails like that!
I have no clue, but my name for Doc is Google. Ask that guy anything and he has an answer!
Last summer I filled in as the chef. That was so challenging but I was so proud that I stepped into that challenge. And when people complimented me on the meal, that was a compliment well earned. Cause that was hard work!
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