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The Making of an Alaskan Fishing Guide

I built, own, and have managed our family run Alaskan fishing lodge for the past 43 years.  In the beginning guides had to be alive, possibly run a river boat, have most of their teeth, and tell the difference between a trout and a salmon. As Talaheim Lodge moved forward there came a time we […]

Fishing Alaska By Helicopter and Float Plane

Alaska’s vast road-less wilderness offers very little practical transportation options. Air travel being the best means of travel over land, and of course boats throughout Alaska’s waterways. Alaska Lodge operators located in remote areas on large rivers or lakes can utilize float planes to travel from the lodge to fishing spots that are adequate and […]

King Salmon Season Ends with a Great Catch

As the king salmon season comes to an end, Talaheim’s Alaska Fishing Lodge delivers one angler an experience of a lifetime. Guests Bill and Barb from Florida were very experienced salt water anglers, but they came to Talaheim to catch a king salmon on a fly in Alaska! Once dialed in with heavy sink tips and […]

Another Year of Good Fishing Memories

From Our River to Your Home: Talaheim Lodge Wishes Everyone a Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy Holiday Season For me Christmas is a special celebration, a time to be with family, friends, and to give thanks for another incredible year. I am blessed to be in the business of providing gifts to people. […]

Alaska Fishing Trip Owner on Twatter…what??

Alright—let me get something straight before I jump into one of my various rants (stay tuned and you’ll soon know what I’m talking about.). I am THRILLED, no OVERJOYED to have the “family” back in the family business. Luke, my son, started growing his own hunting operation out of Talaheim a few years ago. Now […]