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From Our River to Your Home: Talaheim Lodge Wishes Everyone a Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy Holiday Season

For me Christmas is a special celebration, a time to be with family, friends, and to give thanks for another incredible year. I am blessed to be in the business of providing gifts to people. Not the kind of material gifts that I’m scrambling to pick up right now, but gifts that last a lifetime: our guests’ lifetime, as well as mine.

I often receive emails from first time clients saying, “Thank you for such an amazing experience. You really have built quite an operation for yourself, and I’m proud to have visited it and experienced its magic.” ~ John Hafen

But I feel like replying with, “Heck, John, you brought the magic, we just supplied the goods!”

Or seven-time client, “It was nice to see that you and the lodge haven’t changed too much over the years, and that the improvements made were true improvements. The two helicopters made a massive difference to our fishing: going to the Honey Hole and catching 200 Dolly Varden was amazing. They must have based Indiana Jones on you.” ~ Roger Hardesy

Now, I don’t know about Indiana Jones, but I do feel like the summer version of Santa Claus. Riding around in my red helicopter, dropping off lifetime fishing memories and experiences.

The gift of a life experience is shared by all involved.

Although it’s true that Talaheim Lodge has made a few small improvements over our 30 years- the two helicopters, come to mind. Or the addition of running water, 24-hour electricity powered by solar panels, and the Internet. But what hasn’t changed is our size; we still only take 6 to 8 anglers per week. Because without that personal attention and comradery that transpires in small groups, the magic would be gone. And it’s that magic that keeps me going every year.

Thank you to all my past guests for sharing your life experience with me and my family. And to all my future guests, I look forward to creating fishing memories together.

Ho, Ho, Ho, Happy Fishing in the New Year,

Mark & Felicia Miller

Alaska Fishing Lodge Owners