Heli Glacier Tour & Picnic


Even the most avid fisherman often states that visiting Alaska’s Triumvirate Glacier was one of the main highlights of their trip at Talaheim.

The glacier’s namesake, triumvirate, means a group of three men holding power which makes sense because this giant blue ice mass is located at the base of three awe inspiring peaks.

On a clear day, Mount Torbert, the highest peak rising to 11,413 feet, can be seen from Anchorage. Mount Spurr and Crater Peak are active volcanos. The last known eruption was from Mount Spurr in 2009 and you can still see the black layer of ash imbedded within the glacier’s blue ice chunks.

There are many flight-seeing bush plane tours that fly over Triumvirate Glacier, but guests at Talaheim don’t just fly over, they land. After a scenic 15 minute helicopter ride through the mountains, Talaheim guests can land at the base of the Tordrillo Mountains and hike onto the glacier, after which they enjoy a delicious picnic with a stunning view.

Guest are encouraged to fill up their water bottles with glacier water, or bring back a chunk of ice for their nightly cocktail. And of course, don’t forget the camera. The photo opportunities on this adventure are almost as massive as the glacier itself.

Please note, this trip is subject to weather conditions.





There are over 100,000 glaciers within the State of Alaska and Bering Glacier in Alaska’s Wrangell-St. Elias National Park is the largest in the state, and in North America.
Not typically, but last year we did see a small black bear roaming the ice. But that was the first time we have ever seen that. We figure that bear must’ve been lost!
The eruption in 1989 spewed volcanic ash to the height of 45,000 feet, blanketing 7,700 square miles which included Talaheim. In the spring when the snow melted, the ash remained and it did quite a number on Talaheim’s grass and gardens!


This was such an amazing experience! So glad I got to come along with Joel Lynch and friends. Helicopter rides were my favorite! Such good food and wonderful company.
Christa Thompson
There are not enough words to express our gratitude to the Talaheim crew. I have a feeling the week we spent here will make our film the adrenaline pumping production we were looking for. Nothing like spending our last week with amazing people in an amazing place. Thanks so much for everything!
"The Fly Out Crew"