Alaska’s total highway system in miles amounts to just over 1000 miles. Most summer traveler’s in Alaska’s back country travel by air or boat. “Alaska fly out lodges” have become quit popular in the past 50 years. So much so that popular rivers have become sometimes jammed with float planes and anglers.

Our Talaheim Lodge was one lodge in the forefront of Alaska heli-fishing. Instead of float planes, we travel through the sky with helicopters. Our helicopters are not forced to land in deeper long stretches of water, but instead need a hundred square feet of gravel/grassy spot to safely land and take off. Where we land, you will not see another aircraft on the ground. We don’t have to make long bumpy flights to fishing destinations.

Within 15 minutes flying time we have over 100 miles of very secluded rivers and streams. Talaheim Lodge is located on a very remote stretch of the Talachulitna river that offers great angling for five species of salmon, rainbow trout, and char. If you like to wade into great angling, cast a #5/6 weight rod to three to five pound leopard trout, huge char, top water snatching arctic grayling, or gear up for five species of salmon, you might consider Alaska heli-fishing at Talaheim Lodge for your next fishing destination.

Talaheim lodge takes a maximum of eight guests per week. Hope to see you soon at our family run Talaheim Lodge.