As Robert Service once wrote, “they came for the gold, yet somehow life’s not what I thought it, and somehow the gold isn’t all”..

Yes, Alaska is a tough place to live at times. The darkness and long months of winter, the endless cold, snow up to your breasts, ground heaving frosts, earthquakes, mosquitoes, bears, remoteness, but above all this, Alaska sticks to you like honey, draws you back every time you leave. For some of us, Alaska is hard to leave with its endless forests, road-less wildernesses, miles of fish filled rivers and lakes, glaciers unimaginable in size, active volcanoes, and wildlife like the days of old. Alaska’s bush gives some of us a feeling of being a “frontiersman”.

Alaska’s been good to me. I don’t know where else I could clear some wilderness land, build structures from local forests, build a runway, develop a power source from our generators, inverters and solar, and live a lifestyle (not an easy one) that I dreamed about as a teenager. When many of my high school classmates moved to California, I traveled north to Alaska. For me it was a good move.

After almost 50 years later, Alaska is still good to me. I’ve seen some changes in the cities, but not so much in the bush. I think the Alaskan wilderness is a tough one to tame and will be here for generations to come for our upcoming youth.

Come to Talaheim Lodge and share our lifestyle and of course some of the great fishing and I think one of Alaska’s most adventurous fishing adventures.