Many Alaska fishing lodges that operate on fresh water streams and rivers are pushing flyfishing. Why? Flyfisherman are dedicated anglers that tend to return year after year to a place that serves them well. Flyfishing enthusiasts usually belong to flyfishing forums and they tend to share good fishing experiences with these flyfishing forums.

Although I prefer flyfishermen, being a flyfisherman myself, I find Talaheim Lodge can easily facilitate both the spin caster and the flyfisherman. However, that doesn’t mean I won’t try to convert you to the art of Alaska flyfishing.

At Talaheim Lodge, we specialize in small rivers and streams that can only be reached by helicopter. This means that our fish are not used to humans; but more importantly, they’re not used to our normal “human” manufactured bait. A large part of flyfishing is creating bait that represents something in their most immediate environment. For example, at Talaheim’s remote Alaska fishing lodge, we frequently use a floating mouse or a single egg. Throwing these two suggestions of bait would be difficult as a spincaster.

Am I trying to persuade you to turn in your spinning rod for a flyrod? Well, of course I am!

And let me put it in more simple terms, at Talaheim’s Alaska Fishing Lodge we tend to fish very remote waters that hardly see other anglers, … which means our fish are not too smart, … and not too shy. You don’t have to have a masters degree in flyfishing to catch fish on our rivers and streams. You just have to have a strong forearm to continue to reel them in.

“Once you go flyfishing, you’ll never go back”. So what I recommend to my spincaster clients is– bring your gear, but come with an open mind, as I may very well try to convert you.

Happy fishing!

~ Mark Miller, owner & operator of Talaheim’s Alaska Fishing Lodge