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Your Alaskan Fishing Trip

 In school during my younger age I remember practicing for an atomic war.  We all would get under our desks.  How a small wooden desk would save us I still am pondering that tactic.  Fall out shelter companies were raking in the bucks.  Wouldn’t want to crawl out of one of those places into a […]

Alaska King Salmon

Alaska King salmon, also called Chinook, are the Pacific’s largest of salmons.  A netted King in Alaska was once was recorded over 100 pounds and sport caught fish have reached 80 pounds plus.  Kings have five to six-year class which means some return to spawn in just one year (commonly called Jacks) then there are […]

Couples Fly Fishing Week July 12-18

Husbands: Did you forget Valentine’s Day? Or did you just buy your wife a last minute bouquet of flowers that wilted 24 hours later? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Give her a belated Valentine’s present she’ll never forget: Couples Fly Fishing Week: July 12th – 18th We are dedicating one full week of fishing, […]

Glaciers, Bears, Oh My!

By week six Talaheim was in a holding pattern just waiting for the silver glimmer of our second salmon run.  But besides the lone silver salmon that was lost-then-caught on the Talachuitna in week five, Talaheim’s rivers have yet to be home to the 2014 silvers. Instead, by week six, we welcomed the stench of […]

Alaskan Wilderness Fishing Lodge

Back in 1976, from the blue prints of my dream, I started building Talaheim Lodge. With that first crude building built from logs and chainsaw cut lumber, my youthful dream would become a helicopter fly out Alaskan wilderness fishing Lodge. During the 70’s and 80’s, lodges in Alaska sprang up everywhere a fish could be […]

Fly-Fishing, Politics, and Religion

I’m an Alaskan fly out fishing lodge owner, fly-fishing guide, and a gun touting Alaskan woodsmen, Republican, and a Christian. Through trial and turmoil, I’ve leaned to avoid discussions on religion, politics, or sexual diversity around the dinning table in our lodge. OK, after a near bear attack, aircraft engine failure, or a hook in […]

Alaska Outlaws Felt Bottom Waders

Alaska Outlaws Felt Bottom Waders As of 2012, Alaska has followed several other western states in forbidding felt bottom waders and most fishing supply companies are following suit by no longer offering this newly contraband item. Over the last few years, we’ve learned that felt waders can carry evasive creatures from stream to stream and […]