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What You Need To Know About Talaheim Lodge 2021 Fishing Schedule

Talaheim Lodge is booking up for 2021 fishing.  People are coming to Alaska this year as Canada and other foreign destinations are questionable on incoming travel.  Please consider Talaheim Lodge as your next “almost” foreign angling destination.  Talaheim Lodge has a very unique fishing program for fly fishermen wanting to experience the real Alaska… Pristine […]

Talaheim Lodge Gone Green!

Living in the wilderness of Alaska is not an easy or cheap venture. If you live off a road system or large watershed, the only practical way of transportation is to fly materials to your site. Alaskans are “innovation champs” in the flying community. We stack full sheets of plywood under Piper super cubs, tie […]

Couple’s week

After a successful test run in 2009, Talaheim Lodge will again offer a “couples wine tasting week”. Each couple will have their own cozy guest cabin and their own guide each day. We’ll concentrate on teaching fly fishing techniques, fly tying, and presentation. Each evening we returned to the lodge to enjoy a great meal […]

Why Are we Fishing Guides?

Looking back upon my 32nd season as an Alaska lodge owner and fishing guide, I often wonder why this was the path of occupation I’ve chosen. Being a fishing and hunting guide has just been an excuse to be in the wilderness that I love so dearly. Making a living in the wilderness as a […]