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Alaska Silver Salmon Fly Fishing

Silver salmon (or commonly referred to as Coho), are an anadromous fish species, or one of the five species of Pacific salmon that migrate to salt water, then return to fresh water when it’s time to spawn and die. Silver salmon can be seen across California, the Pacific Northwest, and Alaska. Silvers, although sold commercially, […]

Everything You Need To Know About Fly Fishing Alaska Rainbow Trout

Rainbow Trout in Alaska are one of the most sought after fish species in the state, and the Talachulitna River (nicknamed “The Tal” for short) was named one of Alaska’s first catch-and-release rainbow trout fisheries. Ever since the early 70’s, fishermen have been catching these “leopard-spotted” beauties and then saying a long tearful goodbye when […]

Glaciers, Bears, Oh My!

By week six Talaheim was in a holding pattern just waiting for the silver glimmer of our second salmon run.  But besides the lone silver salmon that was lost-then-caught on the Talachuitna in week five, Talaheim’s rivers have yet to be home to the 2014 silvers. Instead, by week six, we welcomed the stench of […]

Celebrating Angling Milestones at Talaheim

There’s nothing better than some good ol’fashion Alaska fly fishing, especially when it brings friends together. Week two at Talaheim’s Alaska fishing lodge reunited the best of the best in spey casting from California, Oregon, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Colorado.  All with one common interest: to swing flies for Kings on a double handed fly […]

Heli-Fishing and Catching Alaska King Salmon at Talaheim

Week One: Heli-Fishing and Catching Alaska King Salmon at Talaheim Talaheim’s Alaska King Salmon season opened strong with the fine folks from Spenard Builder’s Supply and Knauf Insulation. These fans were on their feet, dragging in 30-35 pound salmon with the help of vibrax spinners, pixies, and egg sucking leaches.  Heli-Fishing opens up a whole […]

Why Book a Trout Fishing Trip?

Because they’re my favorite! OK, I like king salmon fishing in Alaska, don’t get me wrong– but my favorite forte is aimed at trout fishing trips. Nothing like the double flip of a 40 pound Alaska king salmon or the snapping up a surface fly by a silver salmon; but Alaska trout, (or Rainbow Trout), […]