In school during my younger age I remember practicing for an atomic war.  We all would get under our desks.  How a small wooden desk would save us I still am pondering that tactic.  Fall out shelter companies were raking in the bucks.  Wouldn’t want to crawl out of one of those places into a world of ash and radiation.

Today we are told that masks didn’t help, now they do.  Sort of like eggs…one day they are good for you; the next day they clog your arteries with cholesterol.  As each day passes, the news is scaring the shot right out of us and our once booming economy is not booming anymore.  If I am to survive in today’s “scared to travel environment”, and push on into the future, I have to change the way I book clients.

What You Need To Know

Your price of $8600 per person includes:   Round trip airfare from Anchorage to Talaheim Lodge, six nights lodging – seven days fishing, six days’ helicopter fly outs – one-day traveling by river boat fishing local waters, great foods, wines and draft beer served in the evenings, guides, use of lodge rods ($50 charge for broken rods) and waders (rent for $50 per week.   You may call out using your smart phone…Wi-Fi calling.

Not included:  Anchorage expenses, fishing licenses (buy on line before leaving) and staff gratuity.   Please bring cash for staff gratuity.

If you are interested in booking one of the best Alaskan fishing adventures in 2021, I will require a $1000 per person deposit until November 31, 2020.  At that time, we should know if this Covid enemy will still be with us and if it is and you don’t want to brave the travel, I will return your deposit in full, but if your plans are to go ahead with your trip, I would require $3300 which would come to 50% down.  The remaining balance due 30 days prior to your trip.

Fishing Report

I managed to take a handful of guests late July and early August.   Our trout fishing has been about the best I’ve seen here in the past 40 years.  Big fish held over through the winter feasting on pink salmon eggs that didn’t get buried and of course an abundance of salmon fry.   Our red and silver salmon arrived about a week late.  At the time of this script, our reds are coming up in huge numbers and although silver salmon numbers are very good in the bay, they are barely showing up in the inland fresh waters.

Top water angling for large and numerous rainbow trout has been our blessing this summer.  A good angler can catch 20-40 trout each day and have numerous fish from 18-22 inches.

Final Thoughts

I hope and pray that our country pulls itself out of this mess, a cure is found, and we can go on with life as we knew it.  The covid and its political fallout is not a good match.  I hope to show some of you our very unique wilderness fishing adventure at Talaheim Lodge.  Stay healthy and get some fishing in this summer, the outdoors and sun is a great place to avoid the covid.

If you would like to book your 2021 Alaska Heli-Fishing adventure at Talaheim Lodge, send me an email or use the form here.


Mark Miller