I’m an Alaskan fly out fishing lodge owner, fly-fishing guide, and a gun touting Alaskan woodsmen, Republican, and a Christian. Through trial and turmoil, I’ve leaned to avoid discussions on religion, politics, or sexual diversity around the dinning table in our lodge. OK, after a near bear attack, aircraft engine failure, or a hook in the crotch, we may have issued a small thanks to our Lord prior to dinner, but NEVER, state political affiliations.

I don’t mind stating my opinion on gun control when we are confronted with a 600 lb. grizzly. Remember when our vice president stated that we could better protect ourselves with a double barrel shotgun rather than an “assault weapon”???? I don’t think vice president Biden has ever been confronted with a huge bear charging at 30mph. I’d take a 50 caliber with a 60 round clip in this instant. Ok, I’m trying not to talk politics.

Back to fishing… I once caught a democratic rainbow trout. He came in without a fight and wanted a free salmon egg meal, barbless hook, and a cell phone. I ate him!

OK, back to fly-fishing. As Alaskan fly out fishing lodges are concerned, we are normally bipartisan. I tend to be slightly favoring the right, but when it comes to my fly-fishing cliental, most are just plain hardworking Americans (we leave political affiliation far from the lodge). All come to Talaheim to enjoy the solitude of an Alaskan wilderness stream.

If only fly fishing guides could run this country, we’d be non objective like myself, we would catch and release every few years instead of ingrain ourselves in life long positions, and most of all we would embrace our fellow fly anglers, ignore bait casters, and love life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness we embrace around clear wilderness stream.

Mark Miller