Book Your Alaska Fishing TripBook Your Alaska Fishing Trip Now!!!

I’d just like to take a moment and raise a glass of cheap box wine to the fine folks behind Facebook and Twitter. Although I still can’t figure out how to log on to their sites, apparently others have found a way. And they not only choose to “follow us,” a term that initially had me buying pistols for every member in my family, but they choose to contact us through this contraption. In 140 characters or less.

want ak fish trip wk of sept 1, gr of 5, need lg lb trout now, omw, where to send deposit?

LOL, now isn’t that a beautiful new language…

Talaheim’s Alaska Fishing Lodge has weathered the winter storm. All thanks to a little Internet horsepower. We’re booking Alaska fishing trips via Facebook, via Twitter, Linked In, and all the other crazy contraptions my daughter signed us up for. And for the first time in 34 years— we were looking at a full fishing season in January! We’re already booking Alaska fishing trips for 2020!

But not to worry, Facebook friends… we do have weeks still available for an Alaska fishing trip. September 2nd through the 8th. This week offers some of the best Alaska trout fishing that we have to offer. Trout the size of salmon. And no mosquitoes! Silver Salmon can still be caught during this time as well, although they’re sporting their spawning colors. We’ve got room for three anglers looking for the Alaska fishing trip of a lifetime!

So be sure to friend us on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, hell— send an e-card for all I care— just contact us if you’re interested in an Alaskan fishing trip at Talaheim Lodge cause we’re booking up quick!

I’m also attaching our Fishing Schedule just in case you’re a planner and like to plan ahead!

~ Mark Miller, Alaska Fishing Lodge Owner & Operator for over 30 years