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Alaska King Salmon

Alaska King salmon, also called Chinook, are the Pacific’s largest of salmons.  A netted King in Alaska was once was recorded over 100 pounds and sport caught fish have reached 80 pounds plus.  Kings have five to six-year class which means some return to spawn in just one year (commonly called Jacks) then there are […]

Alaska Silver Salmon Fly Fishing

Silver salmon (or commonly referred to as Coho), are an anadromous fish species, or one of the five species of Pacific salmon that migrate to salt water, then return to fresh water when it’s time to spawn and die. Silver salmon can be seen across California, the Pacific Northwest, and Alaska. Silvers, although sold commercially, […]

Alaska Fishing ~ The Ultimate Extreme Sport

Alaska Fishing ~ The Ultimate Extreme Sport Yes, of course I’m editing my father—what do you think a Marketing Manager does! I’m not only in charge of editing his Alaska fishing marketing videos, materials and blog posts, I’m also in charge of editing his behavior— which is a full time job. View our 2011 Alaska […]