So, you are thinking about booking the most incredible Alaska fishing week of your life and would like to know what is included in the all inclusive package? Read on and then hurry up and give us a call (907-440-0614) to schedule your week at Talaheim, because the 2020 season is just around the corner and filling up fast!

Airfare from Anchorage to Talaheim

All Inclusive Package

You’ll take a 45-minute bush plane flight from Anchorage where on a clear day you’ll see the Alaska Range and Denali, and maybe even fly over some moose or bear. Flights typically depart out of Anchorage early, landing you on Talaheim’s private airstrip in time for breakfast. Much like everything at Talaheim, we built the airstrip ourselves. It’s amazing what you can do with a tractor, dynamite and a lot of hard work.

3 Gourmet Meals a Day

Talaheim Lodge Gourmet Appetizers

 Fishermen of yesterday used to tell us that they didn’t care what they ate, they just wanted great fishing. But then they came and commented on the food. My first fisherman in 1974 eventually came back six times in his lifetime, and on the last trip he said “the helicopters are nice, but I sure do miss that moose meat pie.”

At Talaheim we pride ourselves in serving gourmet family style meals. Breakfast is served every morning at 8am. Eggs Benedict, homemade granola parfaits, French toast with fresh applesauce and moose sausage are some of our favorites. Lunch is served shoreside; during the week you’ll enjoy a variety of sandwich spreads, sausage, cheese and crackers, and homemade cookies.

Dinner is served at 7pm – steak, shrimp, pork, and of course, fresh Alaskan salmon– as well as fresh vegetables grown from our own garden. And because we serve everything family style, expect to hear lots of Alaskan stories. (Just wait until you hear about the time the bear got into the lodge!)

Private Guest Cabin


Guest Cabin Exterior - Talaheim Fishing Lodge

Talaheim started at the age of 26 when I set up two tent camps and an outhouse along the banks of the Talachulitna River. Lots has changed in the last 40 years, for starters we now have four private guest cabins, each with indoor plumbing, daily maid service, and a mini bar stocked with Alaskan ale! All of our buildings were built with logs from local timbers and processed on our own sawmill. The Alaskan ale, well that was flown in by bush plane. When visiting Talaheim you can expect the bedding to be comfortable, the décor, homey, yet the views outside your window beautifully rustic.

6 Days of Heli-Fishing

accessable only to helicopters

What makes Talaheim Lodge’s program very unique is that we offer 6 days of heli-fishing to streams and rivers that cannot be accessed by fixed winged aircrafts or boats. Not to mention, within 15 minutes flying distance from Talaheim, there are over 100 miles of great fishing waters. This means you’ll fish a new spot every day and guests will have the stream to themselves. It also means there’s no designated pick up point, you just fish and walk as much, or as little as you want and we can pick you up where ever you end up. If the river is too high for wading, or you might not have the legs you used to, we can throw a raft into the helicopter and you can drift into great fishing spots.

Private Fishing Guide

Fish catch

 So many lodges take 12-24 anglers a week, but at Talaheim we only take 8 guests per week. This allows us to not only preserve the wilderness atmosphere and environment, it grants us the opportunity to maintain a high level of personal service. Every group goes out with their own private guide, and our guides are top notch. They’re not only expert fly fishermen, they’ve been with Talaheim for years so they know the landscape like the back of their hand.

Wilderness Sightings

Black Bear

The Talachulitna River is as remote as the steams we fly into. Talaheim Lodge is the only lodge located on our stretch of the river, and the Talaheim airstrip is the only way to access this stretch of river. So what this means is, wildlife still outnumbers humans in our neighborhood so it’s not uncommon to see bears and moose passing through our property, plus hawks, eagles, and beaver are also very common. Every guest fishes the Tal by boat one day during their week, which is a great way to sneak up on the wildlife.

Glacier Tour

Glacier Landing_Heli

Just a forty-five-minute flight from Talaheim, at the base of the Alaskan Range, lies a beautiful glacier that we can fly into one day and have a picnic or hors d’oeuvres. You can walk alongside ten foot ice cubes, and bring a chunk of blue ice back for your drinks during dinner. Make sure to pack your camera, because this is a photographers dream!

Talaheim Tradition

Alaska Fishing Lodge_Dad with Guests Singing

 Talaheim is a family run Alaskan fishing lodge, so couples and families feel very comfortable staying with us. My children grew up here, and my son still does some flying for us while my daughter does lots of Talaheim’s marketing. My nephew and niece work at the lodge, plus my wife grows and tends to all the vegetable and flower gardening. People feel at home here because Talaheim is our home, and it has been for over 42 years. We take a lot of pride in offering unique, once in a lifetime experiences, which is why over half our clientele returns multiple times throughout their lives.