Here’s a little something to share around your Thanksgiving table:

I just received this client testimonial, from a real client of course. This is not to be confused with Fake News:

My husband John Doe was having severe chest pains, shortness of breath, and growing an absurd amount of ear hair. We were shocked when we went to the doctor and found out the symptoms were due to rare kind of athlete’s foot. We were even more surprised when the doctor didn’t prescribe drugs, but rather gave us a referral to Talaheim’s Alaskan Fishing Lodge.

Heli-Fishing Talaheim Lodge

Client Testimonials - guest with rainbow trout

Well my husband John Doe just returned from his week long fishing trip, where he spent 6 days fishing pristine waters by helicopter, and evenings around a cozy wilderness lodge where beautiful ladies served him great food. All that time spent in remote Alaska and now his blood pressure is that of a 20 year old, and his ear hair has replanted itself to the chest. He still has athlete’s foot, but it’s the type brought on by clean Alaskan streams and waders, not sweaty work loafers, so this is something we can tackle with cheap over the counter stuff.

 Bad on you big pharma – selling us all those drugs for so many years when the real cure was as simple as booking an Alaskan fishing trip. Good health and a relaxing week on the river was well worth the money. And I’m quite liking the chest hair.


Jane Doe

(Disclaimer: This ad will be removed when people find out Talaheim doesn’t cure toe fungus or ear hair. We’ll then run this ad again, claiming we can cure ear ringing, then again as a cure for irritable bowel syndrome.)

My daughter says I have to get real about marketing, so I did what everyone else is doing and made up my own fake news.

But if you’re interested in reading real news, or what our real clients said about us in 2019, check out a few below!


Look, we all end up under the daisies eventually, so be sure to fill your bucket list with a trip to Talaheim Lodge. (We also make great Christmas gifts by the way. Check out what’s included in the All Inclusive Package.)

Girl With Char at Talaheim Lodge

Thanks to everyone who found their own cure to all of life’s ailments at Talaheim Lodge this last summer. My flight physician ensures me that my blood pressure and chest hair is that of a 20-year-old, and I know it has a lot to do with my amazing clientele.

Client Testimonials

6 July, 2019

We came to Talaheim Lodge to both fulfill a lifelong dream and to celebrate my dad’s addition to making the world a little bit better place.  We couldn’t have asked for a better week!  We laughed, we told stories, we caught lots of fish and most importantly, we met great people and a father and son got to spend some important tie together.  Thank you Mark, Scott, Josh, Trever, Jessica, Troy and Felicia.  We hope that one day we can show you the same fantastic hospitality you have shown us.  We will recommend Talaheim Lodge to all our friends.

Best Kyle Burks and Charlie Burks New Orleans and New Mexico.


July 13, 2019

Amazing fishing and nature.  Can’t say enough about that.  But the most outstanding thing about Talaheim is the people!  Each guide is outstanding with his own personality and love for the sport.  Professional all the way.  The staff, each and every member of the team couldn’t have done more to make us welcome.  Mark has built a well tuned group that work together to make Talaheim a place to remember – and maybe a place to return. 

Tom Cromer (Miami Florida), Casey Cromer (Miami Florida) & Rob Cromer (NYC)


July 13, 2019

This was my fourth annual trip with my son in Laws.  We started taking a trip to Bend.  It was the first trip to Alaska and our first fly fishing trip.  We are leaving with a new found love for both!!! Most of all we have with sincere appreciated for the wonderful service we experienced.  Mark and his team are truly the best.  We are hooked!

Gary Watson (Chicago), Mike Lingle (Chicago), & Cameron (Inverson…cheers.)

July 19, 2019

What a great place.  What a great fishing experience.  What great guides, staff, guides and pilots!  Too bad time does not stop here.   I’ll be back with my two boys within a few years, so please keep Talaheim running.

 Thanks a lot for the great experience!

Patrick from Switzerland.

July 20, 2019

Trip of a lifetime!  Will definitely be back.  Food, fishing, staff, it was a pleasure.  Helicopter fishing is the way to go.  Look forward to coming back soon.  Thanks you to everyone at the Talaheim Lodge for making this week so memorable!   2nd time at the lodge.

Ronnie, Scot, Mike, and Marc Jones


July 27, 2019

We came here for a father and son trip to look for Alaska wilderness.  We found a great family lodge in the middle of the wilderness. Food, guides were perfect.  The fishing was spectacular.  We will be definitely coming back and recommend it to many friends in Germany.

Julien and Bernard from Germany


August 13, 2019

This was a stellar and unforgettable trip!  Between Trevor yelling “set the hook” and the incredible views, this was the trip of a lifetime.  All guides were incredibly knowledgeable and all around fun.  It was learning with Trevor, vacation with Nick, and adventure with Doc.  Will not forget, and incredibly thankful for this experience.  All the best

Andrew Kehler


August 16, 2019

This was such an amazing experience!  So glad I got to come along with Joel Lynch and friends.  Helicopter rides were my favorite!  Such good food and wonderful company.

Christa Thompson