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Fishing Alaska Grayling; The Forgotten Species

When it comes to anglers fishing in Alaska, arctic grayling are often ignored.  Once prevalent in Michigan and Montana, now are only surviving in Montana in the lower 48.   Arctic grayling thrive in clean cold waters throughout the northern regions of Canada and Alaska and in parts of Asia.  From my personal experience, the further […]

5 Tips About Fishing in Alaska

Here are five questions (and answers) I get asked all the time about fishing in Alaska. I’ve been in Alaska for 50 years and running my own fishing lodge for over 40, so chances are my answers are better than Google’s. What’s the weather like in Alaska? Is it global warming or global cooling or […]

Alaska Outlaws Felt Bottom Waders

Alaska Outlaws Felt Bottom Waders As of 2012, Alaska has followed several other western states in forbidding felt bottom waders and most fishing supply companies are following suit by no longer offering this newly contraband item. Over the last few years, we’ve learned that felt waders can carry evasive creatures from stream to stream and […]