alaska fishing season

The Alaska Fishing Season is Open!

It’s a game of inches out there folks! Thirty pounds and thirty-five inches to be exact!

So you didn’t make it to Alaska this summer.  Well, don’t get your panties in a bunch boys, because this summer Talaheim Lodge is bringing Alaska to you!

Play by play.  Inch by inch.  Catch by catch.  In real time, or course!

OK, maybe not in real time.  We’re in the boonies, give us a break–you try logging onto Facebook from a dial up!

Preseason started strong with a re-draft of Mason Harris from the fine state of North Carolina, back for his second season as Talaheim’s Alaskan fishing guide.  “It’s great to be back on the field,” says Mason, “and to hear the roar of the helicopters. I’ve been waiting for this moment ever since last September!”

The team welcomes rookie, Dustin Ryan, a recruit from seasoned vet Scott Thorpe who will be returning for his seventh run at Talaheim. “Look, we’ve all been training really hard this winter,” Scott exclaimed, “we’ve got a record breaking amount of guests lined up and we’re ready to show this crowd what fishing is all about!”

As always, Nellie didn’t waste anytime, proving once again that she’ll be playing inspired defense. Check out her new digs, which will undoubtedly house many a team huddles this summer.

talaheim lodgeAnd what’s a little fishing without a real gut-check?  And by gut-check we mean the finest of cuisines! Katieri Kizer is back, ripping off the latest moves from her brother’s Hollywood restaurant.

June 24th marked the official opening of Talaheim Lodge, and although the fishing season has just begun, the place is already pandemonium.  Salmon are running, rainbows are jumping– now all we need are those cute cheerleaders!

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Let the games begin,

Mark Miller, Lodge Owner