Mousing For Rainbows    Rainbow Trout

Unlike any fishing experience in the Lower 48, mousing for rainbows is something you don’t want to miss.

Week four at Talaheim’s Alaska fishing lodge was a real pressure cooker!  Deemed as “The Week of the Mouse,” the king salmon spent their time holed in groups, but not yet spawning, which caused the rainbow trout to swirl in the shadows, waiting for a chance to fill their pink bellies.  Then suddenly our mouse is cast–easily cast, that is, due to its foam back made of Mr. Hankie’s finest.  Unlike their classically spun ancestors made of deer hair, the mouse didn’t sink or dive, but paddled across the river, separating the water behind their little body in a signaled wake that thrilled their masters.  Until that wake disturbed the water just below the king salmon, that’s when everyone started playing with a sense of urgency!  Then the rainbow trout pounced on that juicy treat and the mouse’s master yanked back their rod– both striking as if their lives depended on it.  And that is what Talaheim calls Mousing for Rainbows. An Alaskan fishing guide fan favorite and a game you’ll never experience in the Lower 48 (at least not in the daytime.)  For more pictures of mice and rainbow, check out our Facebook page.