Wow, seems like yesterday I was building cabins with tree-fort precision, now 40 years into running Talaheim’s Alaska fishing lodge our tree-forts have turned into a small blue- roofed village, equipped with two helicopter pads and a private runway!

But even given the growth, Talaheim is still my home first and foremost. I brought two children into this world and raised them at Talaheim Lodge. I’ve shared our remote wilderness lifestyle with hundreds of anglers worldwide. And with the help of my crew and anglers feedback, I’ve developed a fishing program that is truly unique and continues to stand out among other Alaskan fishing lodges.

alaska fishingAfter another successful fishing season, I can’t help but sit quietly on my porch, scratch my dog’s head, pour myself a whiskey, and be very thankful.

But don’t think for a minute I’m signing off. I’m doing just the opposite. I’m as fit as a rutting buck (ask my wife) and ready for another 40 years. OK, maybe just another 20 years. But spending 20 more years providing an experience of a lifetime to anglers from across the world is my version of retirement.

fishing lodge

Looking back on this summer, we had the best king salmon run in five years– it doubled from last year.

alaska trout fishing

Trout, char, and grayling fishing was also great. High waters in August kept us moving around in search of fishable waters, but our helicopters allowed us to prevail and everyone had some of the best fishing of their lives.

Just a few words of appreciation for all that you and your crew did for Alan, Colin and myself. Your efforts and stunning location have resulted in 3 happy guys going home with all of our targets met, or exceeded. ~ Colin Dimond

We had lots of families and first timers, plus some anglers coming back for their third or fourth visit. Our new cook Jeremy cooked up a storm and our guides all returned for a third year in a row. Scott, our head guide, returned for his nine year.

alaska fishingNellie, my niece and all around handy-person, at age 21, just flew her small Cessna down to Montana where she’ll be attending a flight school owned by pilot Dave Hoerner. Dave has worked and flown for us for the past 15 years. My other helicopter pilot, Bayard Dupont,returned for the month of August, marking his 16th summer at Talaheim.

Most of our anglers raved about what a great crew we have. This is because my crew, much like myself, continues to return year after year, referring to Talaheim as their Alaskan home. And why not, Talaheim, after all, means home on the Talachulitna River. 

Isn’t it time you had a home in Alaska?

Our bookings for 2017 have arrived in good numbers, so please contact us for 2017 pricing. We offer group rates for anyone booking four or more anglers. Check out our Summer 2017 schedule here.

Happy Fishing in 2017, hope to see you there!

Mark Miller, Alaska Lodge Owner

Thank you to fishing guests Chris Morgan and Cory Luoma for sharing their awesome pics with us!