I’ve lived in Alaska for over 50 years, long enough to know when it’s time to migrate south. For the last five years my wife and I have been blessed to travel to the Cook Islands for the holidays. We rent a small bungalow, motor bike, and cruise the back country for fresh fruits and another flat to fish. We ask locals how to fish and like my guides at Talaheim, they give us a good laugh and great direction.

At night I sit on the porch. It’s not my Alaskan porch, but it’s a porch with a spectacular view and I use it to hunker down and celebrate the year, as well as daydream about fishing in 2020.

If your holiday porch also leads you to daydreaming about fishing in Alaska, I do hope you think of Talaheim Lodge. We’ve been a destination of choice for many fishermen over the years, many of which have chosen to migrate to us summer after summer, and for that I’ll be forever grateful.

Wherever you choose to migrate, may your journey be safe and your porch filled with love, music, and joy.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

With love from my porch to yours,