Talaheim Garden Produce

It’s halftime at Talaheim’s Alaska fishing lodge, and that doesn’t mean hotdogs and cheap beer–that means it’s time to harvest the organic produce! Cucumbers, tomatoes, broccoli, kale, red and green lettuce: it’s show time. OK, OK, so Madonna and Janet Jackson definitely gave sexier halftime shows, but there’s no denying these leafy beauties!

Talaheim Garden Produce

Planted in May of this year, the cucumbers and tomatoes are a hit due to the new greenhouse powered by the generator’s heat.  The lettuce and kale have been consistent hitters, whereas the brussel sprouts and spinach are struggling to make it past the finish line.

Sources say that one of Talaheim’s staff has been seen exiting the greenhouse, nibbling on cucumbers.


We’re no expert, but this could be precisely why Chef Katieri started bottling these little suckers.


Alright, that’s it for the halftime show. Now back to the fishing!